When the Stars Align

stars align

When the stars align….is often just wishful thinking. However there is great truth in the concept of alignment. If you are finding that things are not happening like you would like them to in the areas of money, career, relationships, etc. start to apply the Law of Alignment to better understand what might be off center in your life .

When our bodies are out of alignment we often go to a chiropractor for an adjustment. When our tires are wobbling, a trip to the garage results in the wheels getting aligned. So why is it when our lives are out of alignment we keep pushing to make things happen instead of taking a step back to see what may not be lining up and why.

Recently I had decided I wanted a larger office. My new modality of Body Hypnotics required me to have a massage table up full time and I also wanted a desk. I found the perfect office, but it was inhabited with a tenant….how dare they!!  I even went so far as to talk to them about a possible trade showing off how lovely my office was with its two walls of windows.  No go. Frustrated I decided on another office which involved tearing out a wall in two smaller spaces to form a large long expanse. But something didn’t feel right.  It was dark and in another location of the building that I wasn’t crazy about, yet I soldiered on. Even had new business cards with that suite number printed on them. To add to the frustration, I was having problems with management giving me dates to arrange the movers and the workmen had not started tearing down the walls. In all of this, even in the midst of my exasperation, I felt that something was not aligned. Today as I again tried to push it through, the property manager  said she talked to the corporate supervisor and asked me to wait a month. She said they knew what I was looking for and there was a lovely corner office with windows that was going to come available. Although she would not tell me directly, my hunch is it is the original office I was wanting or something better.

I share this story to illustrate the point that when things are not coming together, there is a reason. And it is often the universe bringing you something better than what you had imagined.  In this case I gave up too easily and settled for something that wasn’t perfectly suited.

What is not lining up in your life? Is it possible that your perception or vision may be off slightly? Perhaps you might want to open to greater possibilities and think outside the norm to allow other alternatives to come in.

Many of us have a loud judge inside our heads that has an opinion on why or why not things are happening. My advice is to silence the judge and reframe the judgment. Maybe the reason why something is not coming into fruition is because it is not right, not aligned. Accept that and wait or look for something that fits.

Currently we are between eclipses and anything that is not a fit is coming up for review. I realize this has been happening for some time, but the urgency and importance of clearing things away has been amped up due to the astrological alignment. Now more than ever before…take stock of what is in your life. Does it still fit or does there need to be an adjustment?