Happy Clients

I had a session with Becky on a long running issue that I knew was hindering my ability to step fully forward in my business. I was first very impressed with her professionalism with the intake process before we began. Her unique style and modality of gently guiding and unraveling the stuck patterns and inherent disempowering feelings was quite profound. I was able to relax and access those troubled areas that have been pulling in my subconscious. By identifying and feeling those areas, and then actually resolving them on the spot and replacing those old feelings and conversations with new references was very exciting. And then anchoring the new references in my body for recall was brilliant and very effective. I felt totally renewed, lighter, more open, joy, giddy and like a web was taken off my entire body that had been holding me down.

Thank you so much for your Gift and your intuitive ability to catch and process the deep nuances that had for so long been a problem.

Marlene: I thoroughly enjoyed my “Table Talk Session” with Becky Arrington as she facilitated a self-discovery journey to identify the inner characters of my personality, as well as to acknowledge the role that each player has in co-creating my life. Becky explains how the first step to transformation begins with interactive “talking” and looking within. When you talk with yourself, you are reconstructing reality–Your inner conversations between your conscious self and various aspects of yourself reflects your willingness to improve yourself.
I love it! Good way to develop Positive Self-Talk!!
Becky’s Alchemical Hypnosis is not only valuable to overcome emotional barriers and resolve personal challenges. It’s also helpful for those of us who wish to improve personal performance. I highly recommend Becky’s coaching sessions to heighten self-development and confidence through her transformational processes.

James B.
I recently had the pleasure of having a session with Becky and it was amazing. During my session with Becky, I was able to address some underlining issues that have greatly affected me in my adult life. Becky took the time to get a good understanding of me as a person which guided the session to the point where it allowed me to really face these issues head on. Now, I have a positive outlook on dealing with my personal relationships and knowing what I truly need to do to have successful relationships. Her office space was warm and inviting which also helped the process. Coming from a person who have spent time with your traditional therapist where it was helpful but I left this session feeling that I have finally locked in and began to address the real problem. Would definitely recommend Becky and her services plus I’m looking forward to having another session with her soon!


“My name is Helene Frisch I am a professional psychic in Atlanta Ga.  I do have a hypnosis background in past life regression doing some form of hypnosis myself daily.  When I heard about Becky and Alchemical Hypnotherapy, the Gemini in me did my research right away.

  I had a quazzi  idea of what this work was about but  when Becky put me in “state”, because of my visualization/psychic  background, I was able to “go into state” quickly. And Becky was “right “ with me even seeing some of the “same things” I was seeing which I was shocked. I consider myself a pretty good “psychic reader, highly clairvoyant, reading for people all across the globe and doing “high profile media” etc… but I have NEVER worked with anyone who was “right with me in state” seeing the “same things” I was. At one point, I “tested” her because I never experienced someone’s energy with mine that much ever.  

 This was a psychic first for me. I had no idea there was someone on the planet that could “stay with me” in state and guide me in this manner not even to mention the effectiveness of this work.  I consider Becky my new “private tutor” in “manifestation” knowing I can go to her anytime with any issues large or small.  I consider myself a long time client of Becky’s having just had one session and I look forward to working with her on a full time basis. This work speaks for itself.”   Helene Frisch  Professional Private and Media Psychic/Atlanta Ga  www.TheReadersGroup.com

“I had a great experience during my Table Talk and Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions. It allowed me to go back into my past, and open up a lot of closed doors. Those doors led to emotions that I had carried around with me all of my life up until that point.  The experience was life changing, and I would recommend anyone to take advantage of the opportunity if you can. Becky was so nice, and she made me very comfortable from the start of the session. I am grateful to have met Becky, and to have allowed her to help me change my life experience.”

Dorsel Blackwell, Atlanta,GA
“Family is pretty big on my list…and it’s not everyday that you can trust someone with the people you hold most dear. I cannot thank Becky Crispell Arrington enough for her superb expertise and assistance with my nephew. Should you ever need to process emotional barriers, blocks and/or hurdles….SHE IS ABSOLUTELY THE PERSON FOR THE JOB! Contact her today for a session!”
Ahsaki Kai Brown-Acworth, GA