Alchemical Hypnotherapy


What is Alchemical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis therapy has proven to be enormously successful and valuable to overcome emotional barriers and resolve personal challenges. Hypnosis therapy has been proven to address the causes of behavioral conditions in the subconscious mind. Alchemical Hypnosis can be more rapid and can achieve more powerful results than years of other therapies.

Alchemical hypnotherapy differs from other hypnosis technologies in its synthesis of spiritual and psychological perspectives. An Alchemical Hypnotherapist simply uses hypnosis to facilitate a client’s personal journey into their inner self to identify their inner guidance that resides inside themselves.

Becky Arrington’s hypnosis session is an excellent way to facilitate Inner Child Healing, PTSD and Trauma, Emotional Clearing and Behavior Pattern Changes.

The initiation session for Alchemical Hypnotherapy is an in-depth intake process where we explore your history, past patterns and how those continually show up in your life and determine the best direction for your session.

  • Identify and clear issues from your past
  • Clear  patterns that are blocking success
  • Achieve strong foundation with Inner Child, Inner Parents and Inner Mate
  • Clear family of origin issues
  • Create new behaviors to clear co-dependency
  • Discover pre-life contracts through regression therapy

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Additional Information on Alchemical Hypnotherapy:

Hypnosis is a process that bypasses the conscious mind and works with the subconscious.  The subconscious mind controls our emotions, our self-esteem, our beliefs, our immune systems, and our bodies. It is filled with mysteries, answers and is a gateway to our higher self.

Alchemical work differs from other hypnosis technologies in its synthesis of spiritual and psychological perspectives. An Alchemical Hypnotherapist simply uses hypnosis to facilitate a client’s personal journey into their inner world to find the ultimate teachers, guides and therapist…the ones who live inside themselves. This unique process allows the participant to revisit an event or a relationship with another person-get to the heart of the issue and change the outcome through the use of inner guides. This is highly effective when dealing with childhood feelings and events, past life regression, unresolved anger, habits, phobias and issues in your life you would like to change but have felt powerless to do so.

By going into the situation, experiencing the emotion and in the end altering the outcome, there is a tremendous sense of relief and release. It has been proven scientifically that when you use this emotional release therapy of running the incident and altering the outcome to a better one for you, it creates a new timeline, memory and changes the synapses in the brain. In the future when given a choice as to which memory to go to, the brain will automatically gravitate to the more pleasant one which is also more recent.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy can be defined as the personal discipline of working with Inner Wisdom. Your powerful and autonomous wisdom lives within your sub-consciousness mind and can guide you effectively to successful health, happiness, relationships, prosperity, and most important, the fulfillment of our personal purpose. This wisdom can be easily accessed in a relaxed and conversational manner that opens a creative and imaginative process.

Throw out the perception that you are hypnotized to a point that you are not aware of your surroundings. Alchemical hypnotherapy is a manner of tapping into your sub-conscious inner wisdom with conversation and stories. With a trained facilitator those stories can be transformed in a positive way that clears your challenges and behaviors that keep you from achieving and sustaining success.

In fact, it’s very similar to executive coaching techniques in that a person could be “stuck” and can’t think of what else to do in order to move an organization forward or achieve a goal. There may not be anyone at their level that they can have confidential conversations with, or they believe if they were to change/improve something within themselves, they or the organization would benefit. Executive coaching helps to identify that a person may be ready to do something different but are not sure what that “something” is. Most executives are looking for change, a different perspective, or have important goals to reach.  Executive or “business” coaching focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be.

As in Alchemy like coaching it’s about “turning something in to something else”. And in this case it’s about transforming unproductive behavior into sustainable successful behavior. Alchemical Hypnotherapy has proven techniques that are applied through “coaching sessions” to identify that “something” and easily promotes the transformation of that “something” that stands in the way of success in business.

It works with individuals, teams and senior level managers.