Intention VS Action…The Chicken or the Egg?

intention vs action

Relying on intention to reach your goals without the use of action and a plan, is naïve. Yet I have seen tons of people rely on The Law of Attraction as their go to plan both in business and life. Insiders report over half of the information from The Secret was left on the cutting room floor, primarily the parts regarding action. Sorry folks, you can’t just wish it into being, you have to do something to make it happen.

Years ago many of my friends in the spiritual community were “intending” that God would provide and quit their jobs, stopped paying their mortgages, bills, etc.. I remember connecting with my higher guides and asking if this was a good plan and they laughed. Their message to me was that intention was huge, because our thoughts create our reality, but it MUST be followed with action.

Now I struggle with the spiritual part of me that DOES believe in intention and its power. What I have found is it is a fine line between the two. Once you intend, then you put an action plan together to do the steps to birth it into being. The real key is keeping the umbrella large enough for it all to fall under.  In other words, don’t be so specific that it limits the outcome. I realize this is in exact opposition of what  The Secret taught, I believe the message there was the more specific the better. In my experience, I have found if I am too specific I limit the possibilities of what the universe could bring in because I am thinking too small, so I tend to work in broad strokes. Here is an example of a spiritual contract I wrote regarding my business. “ I want to be of service to the world, helping others find their purpose and connection to sprit. I want to help others find their power and in turn create a thriving business where I will be financially rewarded and not have to worry about securing clients or paying bills. “Nowhere in there do I say what the business is, what I specifically will be doing or any of the details. That is a wide swath in which the universe can then create and fill in the details. If there is something more specific that needs to be addressed such as location or hours, this is an example of how that could be handled: ” I wish to have a separate location from my home in which to work and ask that it be located where it is easy for clients to visit and no more than 5 miles from my house. I ask that my working hours be flexible to give me plenty of free time, as well as be available to see clients. I ask that much of my work be done online or via phone so I can work remotely when needed.”

Given that open ended intention, how does one put together a plan of action? What I have found in making that a realization the past year, you have to be flexible. I have office space that falls into the desired options. I have put together a business that is consistently changing and probably will continue to grow and morph as the universal energies continue to move as well. But even in the midst of all of that, I have put together specific branding, marketing and programs. Have they changed, absolutely, but the branding was open-ended enough to have many programs fall underneath it. I never once just sat and waited for it all to appear. I was continually working in my business doing things that fueled the current vision and what was showing up. Again, this is not where I will end up, but the foundation is firm and allows change and growth to occur.

Being open regarding the details also puts you more in a state of flow, allowing things to happen and not be so focused on a specific outcome. If you don’t have hard and fast expectations, you are better prepared to morph and shift as changes need to be made. This is definitely NOT easy if you are one who wants every detail nailed down and you are disappointed if things don’t end up the way you have planned. Adopting the attitude of everything is for the best or for your highest good, helps manage some of the bumps along the way.  As long as you feel positive and focused on your intention (although broad it may be) and you take action steps along the way to bring it about, you are an active participant. You may be playing more of an observer role with this approach, but getting above the situation has its perks and often the view is much clearer.

If you are interested in approaching your life and or your business from this different perspective, please contact me for a strategic session. I have a variety of programs designed to help you connect yourself to that higher perspective both personally and professionally.