Meet Becky

Arrington & Associates offers small business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals a systematic approach on how to sustain continuing success in the workplace and in life challenges. Using a process of Life Altering Coaching Techniques, she will help you move beyond limiting negative thought and behavioral patterns that interfere with optimal achievement and productivity in life and the workplace.

Becky Arrington

beckyis a Life Altering Coach and Clinical Alchemical Hypnotherapist who guides individuals and business owners in new behaviors and thoughts that remove limiting blocks and transform behaviors that stand in the way of success and performance.

Her specialty is Alchemical Hypnotherapy which provides programs designed to empower professionals with a transformational behavior model that promotes consistent results and success in business and life.

Becky works with professionals and business owners in applying her proprietary Channels for Change Program. Her introductory Table Talk process gently opens the awareness of behavioral habits that block her client’s ability to achieve and sustain the highest levels of extraordinary performance. By shifting belief paradigms she employs the use of Alchemy to turn ordinary behavior into extraordinary performance.

Becky helps her clients gain clarity in their behaviors and initiate positive change to be more productive, successful, and live a more purposeful life. Her mission is to help successful leaders, teams and individuals achieve positive, long-term, measurable change in behavior to produce extraordinary results.

Becky’s highly developed intuitive insight and extensive background in corporate sales and senior management positions her to address issues corporations face today, while bringing a fresh, holistic perspective to solve those problems. Becky also facilitates empowerment coaching in her Channels for Change program. Her coaching and empowerment techniques help people also understand their core purpose within an organization to fulfill their career dreams while staying true to themselves.

With years of successful business experience and organizational management she promotes positive behavioral transitions. Her highly developed intuitive and visionary insight also positions her perfectly to help organizations and individuals look deeper to see the energetic patterns and forces at work within the business climate and the people involved.

Whether working in an organization or with individual clients, she brings a fresh, new, holistic perspective to solve those problems. Her transformation strategies differ from other standard training technologies and coaching because it co-mingles the clients’ “untapped” wisdom with a new success model. The Alchemical Hypnotherapy allows clients to clear massive amounts of blocks either from childhood, prior experiences or past lives in a very short period of time.

As a former corporate Vice President in retail design, sales leadership and consulting experience she combines the science of Alchemy with modern day change management training.

Her creative expertise has been utilized in employee relationships, departmental reorganizations, HR programs and sales training. She helps her clients gain clarity in their negative behaviors and initiate positive change to be more productive, successful and purposeful in business and life

Becky’s proprietary brainchild programs, Channels for Change, is a powerful transformational process that combines consciousness expansion, relaxation techniques and accessing one’s inner wisdom.

Becky is a professional blogger and editor for the Aquarius Magazine Conscious Business page. Her professional memberships include: American Council of Hypnosis Examiners, International Hypnosis Federation, National Association of Professional Women, SHRM, and Genuine Contact International.

Her credentials include: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki, Access Bars, Somatic Healing, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Channeling, Sexual Abuse and Brain Trauma Intensive Training, Past Life Regression, Advanced Conference Room, Emotional Blockage Training, Organizational Change Management, Open Space Technology, Mediation, Whole Person Process Facilitation, Leadership Training.