Soulful Selling Solutions

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Strategies to Stop Sabotaging and Start Succeeding

  • Do you take a customer saying “no” as a personal defeat?
  • Could you be unconsciously sabotaging your sales efforts?
  • Is it difficult as a business owner to “sell” your business?
  • Have you been feeling inauthentic in your selling?
  • Do you need more clients?

As an entrepreneur you feel heartfelt and passionate about your business and the work that you do. Most likely you have given your heart and soul to succeed.  But translating those deep inner emotions into a sales and marketing conversation may feel inauthentic and even sleazy. Yet you know sales is what keeps your business alive. And boy could you use more business!

Soulful Selling Solutions is a unique, customized, five phase program targeting mindset, methodology and messaging to give you the confidence to present your business in a way that will lead to increased sales and repeat clients.

Program Benefits:

  • Identify and clear old limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your success
  • Overcome feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence or worthiness
  • Attract more clients, more easily by creating a powerful magnetic message
  • Assess current branding and marketing to maximize your unique selling points
  • Do what you love, charge what you are worth, and get paid for the services you provide
  • Tap into the relationship between mindset and manifesting and watch both your calendar and bank account fill up
  • Learn how to make top-dollar now, without any additional certifications or trainings

Our mindset determines how you feel about yourself and your business. Of course you are excited about your business, but there may be a saboteur lurking who is unconsciously working against your success. Through Table Talk we will check to see if any of your internal characters are not on board with your plan or what fears may be keeping you stuck. A Table Talk session also uncovers any blocks that may be preventing you from succeeding in your business. Clearing sessions are introduced to get rid of behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you to give you an excellent baseline to create success and build the business you only imagined.

Methodology assesses the current state of your business. Let’s look at branding, marketing, unique selling points and a host of other factors to understand who you are and what you are selling. Through interactive exercises, you will become clear on the story you want to tell and learn ways to gain maximum exposure to reach clients.

And lastly Messaging- as a former Vice President of Sales , Becky Arrington brings over 35 years of relationship sales and marketing experience to share and will help you position your company to clearly represent you. Together you will create a customized sales template that will make you feel authentic and natural as you talk about your business and have clients clamoring for your services.

If you are struggling in your business, it is time to stop sabotaging and start succeeding!

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