Spiritual Weight Loss

Downsizing the spiritual way. It’s not about calories in and calories burned, it is about finding out what is causing you to have a separation of body, mind and spirit.

Soulful Selling Solutions

Strategies to Stop Sabotaging and Start Succeeding
  • Do you take a customer saying “no” as a personal defeat?
  • Could you be unconsciously sabotaging your sales efforts?
  • Is it difficult as a business owner to “sell” your business?
  • Have you been feeling inauthentic in your selling?

You feel heartfelt and passionate about your business and the work that you do. Most likely you have given your heart and soul to succeed.  But translating those deep inner emotions into a sales and marketing conversation may feel inauthentic and even sleazy. Yet you know sales is what keeps your business alive.

Soulful Selling Solutions is a unique, customized, five phase program targeting mindset, methodology and messaging to give you the confidence to present your business in a way that will lead to increased sales and repeat clients.

Pathways to Perfect Partnership

Unpack Your Relationship Baggage Now!!!

Becky Arrington of Arrington & Associates is a Clinical Alchemical Hypnotherapist and a Life Altering Coach, Specializing in Relationships.

  • Is the love seen in the movies even possible?
  • Are you wanting more intimacy, communication and closeness in your relationship?
  • Do you wish your partner understood you better?
  • Is love illusive to you, and you often pick the wrong people?
  • Is there an emptiness inside of you that you try to fill by being in a relationship?
  • Do old relationships threaten your ability to be present in new ones?

Invest in your future by clearing the past of old beliefs, ideas and events. Most relationships are fraught with old lovers, parents, siblings and a host of other characters that infringe on you being the most present and best partner you can be.

Table Talk

Transformation begins with the first step of looking within. It is difficult to look inside, but that is where the answers lie. To truly transform you must look deep within yourself and identify the inner characters of your personality. Our inner facets will appear on different levels of consciousness and show up in how you interact with other people. These “characters” are sometimes identified as the saboteur, or the rescuer, the victim and so on.

Table Talk is an easy way to get started on your transformation journey prior to investing in a Hypnotherapy session. With guidance you’ll be identifying all the “characters” that sit at your table of life.

As you continue “Table Talk” and get deeper into the individual psyches and motivations of each of the “character” personalities I’ll guide your “talk” and here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll begin to see the alliances form
  • You’ll start to understand the fears driving each one
  • You’ll “talk” with each of the personalities and allay their concerns
  • You’ll develop checks and balances
  • Decide to change their name or duty as they begin to get on board with your project

Once you have all the personalities harnessed and in synch, the sky’s the limit to creating anything that is your heart’s desire! So if things are not moving along as you want them to, check in with your other selves to see what might be blocking your success!

This is an excellent exercise for any decision that may not be coming into fruition in an easy and effortless fashion.


Alchemical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis therapy has proven to be enormously successful and valuable to overcome emotional barriers and resolve personal challenges. Hypnosis therapy has been proven to address the causes of behavioral conditions in the subconscious mind. Alchemical Hypnosis can be more rapid and can achieve more powerful results than years of other therapies.

Alchemical hypnotherapy differs from other hypnosis technologies in its synthesis of spiritual and psychological perspectives. An Alchemical Hypnotherapist simply uses hypnosis to facilitate a client’s personal journey into their inner self to identify their inner guidance that resides inside themselves.

Becky Arrington’s hypnosis session is an excellent way to facilitate Inner Child Healing, PTSD and Trauma, Emotional Clearing and Behavior Pattern Changes.

The initiation session for Alchemical Hypnotherapy is an in-depth intake process where we explore your history, past patterns and how those continually show up in your life and determine the best direction for your session.

  • Identify and clear issues from your past
  • Clear  patterns that are blocking success
  • Achieve strong foundation with Inner Child, Inner Parents and Inner Mate
  • Clear family of origin issues
  • Create new behaviors to clear co-dependency


Body Hypnotics

Body Hypnotics  is a new dimension in hypnosis therapies for the treatment of injury, pain and disease to activate the healing power of the subconscious mind.  This is achieved through a number of hypnotic techniques and interactive processes which helps clients address the subconscious motivations which create the disease as well as help them explore the meaning behind the disease or ailment.

  • Designed to activate and accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal itself
  • Encourages the person’s willingness to participate actively in their own recovery within a prescribed healing regiment and visualization practices
  • Enhances quality of life through mindfulness
  • Clear any lingering emotional attachment to their suffering by uncovering the emotional source related to their condition through regression therapy

Processes include: Golden Sun energy channeling,  visualization, hypnotic movement, color healing, psychic surgery, connection with Inner Healer.



Life Altering Coaching for Executives and Business Owners

Becky Arrington will work personally with individual professionals, business owners or key executives within an organization to initiate a performance transformation to the next level. In her one-to-one coaching her extraordinary method creates an opportunity to delve into deeper behavioral achievement challenges.

  • Teaches professionals, individuals and entrepreneurs how to identify triggers and symptoms of non-productive behavior
  • Shows her clients how to use techniques and life-enhancing strategies that boost confidence, productivity and goal achievement
  • Helps clients to develop a strategy that sustains positive change while overcoming challenges.
  • Coaches her clients to identify and release limiting beliefs so they can start living successfully and confidently
  • Facilitates conscious business professionals to define their spiritual well-being, overcome challenges and blending their spirituality with their life plans.
  • Guides professionals to build confidence and engage in effective coping skills to achieve more success and fulfillment in life and business

Program Benefits:

Arrington & Associates provides new innovative tools needed to improve collaborative communication and success skills in all situations. Whether it’s managing fear of failure, past negative experiences, success blocks, conflict, negative emotions; or just dealing with difficult people, Becky Arrington is a highly skilled consultant, coach and Hypnotherapist. Her life altering programs can:

  • Facilitate a breakthrough in new thinking applicable to all areas of performance
  • Clear past challenges and negative beliefs that stand in the way of success
  • Change unproductive habits clearing the way to adopt new, constructive behavior patterns
  • Help professionals face past irrational fears with renewed courage and confidence
  • Neutralize overly reactive behaviors resulting from negative experiences
  • Help people overcome feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence or anxiety in the workplace
  • Handle conflicts, arguments, and other distressing situations rationally and more productively
  • Clearly define new interactive pathways to achieve future goals
  • Give people a greater ability to innovate and implement new ideas
  • Increase effectiveness in relating to and communicating with others
  • Greater skill in understanding and changing success mindset

Channels for Change Programs

Using unique methods, hypnosis, along with intuitive guidance, Becky Arrington will help you clear away blocks keeping you from accessing and standing in your full power. Tapping into your own desires will give you the answers to move forwards in joy. Whether it be career related or life skills, she will customize a program to help you be a balanced, successful and happy person, with special emphasis on prioritization in relation to work and home. Becky has been trained in the Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Program. Contact Becky at 770-778-2051 or [email protected] to set up a free appointment to discuss.