Table Talk


Table Talk is a first step to get started on your transformation journey. By understanding all the “voices in your head” , patterns and root cause issues will appear for later work in an Alchemical Hypnotherapy Session.



Clinical Hypnotherapist, Becky Arrington created her proprietary Table Talk Session to guide you to identify the inner characters of you personality that are keeping you stuck.

Your first step to transformation begins with interactive “talking” and looking within. It is sometimes difficult to look inside – but that is where the answers lie. To truly transform you must look deep within yourself and identify the inner characters of you personality. Your inner personalities will appear on different levels of consciousness and show up in how you interact with other people. These “characters” are sometimes identified as the saboteur, or the rescuer, the victim and so on.

With Becky Arrington’s professional guidance you’ll be identifying all your “characters” that sit at your table of life.



As you continue “Table Talk” and get deeper into the individual psyches and motivations of each of the “character” personalities she’ll guide your “talk” and here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll begin to see the alliances form
  • You’ll start to understand the fears driving each one
  • You’ll “talk” with each of the personalities and allay their concerns
  • You’ll develop checks and balances
  • You’ll change their name or duty as they join in on your transformation

Once you have all the personalities harnessed and in synch, you’ll begin to create your heart’s desires.

This is an excellent exercise for simple decisions that may not be coming into fruition in an easy and effortless fashion. 

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After your TABLE TALK session you’re now ready for the next big step in ELIMINATING your limiting beliefs with an Alchemical Hypnotherapy Session…learn more.